Friday, August 30, 2013

We Can Create any Mirror You Can Think Of

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Bell Mirror & Glass, Inc. of Wichita, Kansas offers custom glass and mirror services for your residential or commercial location.  Bell Mirror & Glass has been a family owned and operated business since 1963, and prides itself in providing a personal touch to each project and installation, no matter the size or complexity of the project.  Each piece of glass is cut specifically for your project whether it be a replacement storm window, new shower enclosure, display case or any type of custom mirror. 

Bell can create custom mirrors in any shape or size that you can think of.  We custom cut and fabricate every individual mirror.  We offer a variety of colors, including green, azure, rose, grey, bronze and black.  We also offer a variety of edge options, including custom beveling for straight lines or patterns. 

Bell Mirror & Glass would like to invite you to come up with any idea, shape or pattern that interests you, and we will produce it for you.  Visit our website or call us at (316) 262-8642

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Using Stained Glass in Your Home

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Custom stained glass is becoming more and more popular in home decoration.  Homeowners are looking for inexpensive ways to add personality and contrast into their homes.  Stained glass can be used in countless ways in almost any room of your home.  While the possibilities are really endless, here are some ideas you can easily incorporate into your home.  

  1. Kitchen Backsplash- A backsplash is essential to protect the wall behind your stove from hot grease spatters, food and smoke damage.  While the popular choice seems to be granite, it can be very expensive.  Custom glass can be an inexpensive substitution without loosing any of its appeal or functionality. 
  2. Shower Doors-  Accenting your shower doors with stained glass can be very cheap and easy to do.  Adding the stained glass can really bring together the whole bathroom and make it beautiful.  It provides privacy along with beauty.
  3. Basement Windows-  Basement windows can sometimes look ugly and dreary being so close to the ground.  Use them as your own canvas and spice them up with stained glass.
  4. Decorative Purposes-  Stained glass can really be used to decorate and add personal touches to many different home products including mirrors, cabinets, bathroom fixtures and much more.
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Mirrors can create light and the illusion of space

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Some say that if you have a lot of mirrors in your house, you are vain or very concerned with your appearance.  But the truth is mirrors can  have many useful benefits other than showing us our own reflection. 
Mirrors can be used to create light in a room or even use reflection to create the illusion of more space.  By using the correct mirrors and framing one can add atmosphere and style to any room big or small.  Like furniture mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can draw someone's eye and create interest.  Mirrors can use their reflection to draw attention to something pleasing in the room, like a view from a window.  Grouping frameless mirrors can create a lighter feel to a room especially when positioned across from a window that lets in light itself.  This method can also be used on the wall of a stair case as an alternative to family photos or portraits.  Aligning them with the handrail will not only enhance the view of the staircase but will also bring light from the room below, to an otherwise narrow and dark staircase.
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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Forget Resale and Design Your Home For You!

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Are you planning on staying put for a few years?  Forget for a moment everything you have heard about buying, remodeling and decorating, with resale in mind.  For a while the real estate market was looking pretty grim, and the ability to sell homes became extremely hard.  Today it seems that things are returning to normal and people seem to be making long-term commitments to homes once again. Once you begin to view your home in this way the possibilities for personal expression and customization can be endless.  Here are a few tips to completely personalize your home:
  1.  Remove a bedroom:  Many people have an extra bedroom that they simply do not use.  It looks good on paper and can add value to your house, but if you plan on staying you are wasting useful space.
  2. Indulge yourself with something wild:  If there is something you have always wanted even as a child, indulge yourself.  For example give yourself an indoor slide or fire pole.
  3. Accommodate your pets:  Pets can be your best friends, if they live with you, they are in your home more than you are.  Cater to them, add pet doors, cat ramps etc. to entertain your furry friend.
  4. Make bold decorating decisions:  Don't limit yourself in your decorating decisions.  If you love vibrant colors, apply them to your walls and furniture. 
  5. Rethink your spaces:  If you never use a formal dining room, take it over and put in something you will get more use out of, like an art studio, library or office. 
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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Your Wall is Your Canvas

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When it comes to decorating a small space, one of the most important features to focus on is the walls. When it comes to wall decor, there are endless possibilities in terms of design and decoration. Your walls are your own personal canvases just waiting to be filled up, so be sure to take full advantage of this!
Here are a few simple tips and rules for covering your walls in a small space:
Wall Decals: Removable wall decals are always a great choice for anyone looking to decorate. Wall decals come in all different shapes and sizes. Moreover, they can easily be removed, saved, and reapplied wherever you go.
Color Scheme: Choose art that encompasses and strengthens the color plan in your house or apartment. There are limitless ways decor could do this.
Budget Watch: Decorating can get pricey, especially when it comes to wall decor, but it does not have to cost a fortune to cover empty walls. Buying from thrift stores or consignment shops will make your wallet happy and you truly never know what you may end up finding.
Functioning Decor: Dual-purpose items are the friends of small spaces. This type of wall decor mixes style and functionality, making them win-win purchases.
Embrace Personal Tastes: Stay true to your style and your preferences to have a more personalized touch. Putting up photo collages of friends and family or hanging inspirational posters and wall decals can brighten your corner and turn your house into a home.
And Most Importantly - Mirror Tricks: Mirrors and other reflective items, when used correctly, can give the illusion of a larger space. Mirrors increase the visual space of a room and often tie the whole room together. For more information on mirrors and a more complete list of how to use mirrors check out Bell Mirror & Glass or call us at (316) 262-8642.
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

How To Use Mirrors To Make Your Space Look Bigger

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The placement of a mirror in a selected space can depict how the room looks for better or worse. Mirrors are way more versatile then we actually think they are, they can act as one of the best tools for an owner with a small space.
There are numerous ways to place and adjust mirrors to make your space look nicer, here are some ways you can do that:
1) Group them together: Smaller mirrors are a lot cheaper then large mirrors, so buy a few small ones and group them on the wall in the same place.
2) Turn them on their side: This trick works best with long skinny mirrors, it makes any wall look longer instantly.
3) Floor length: Floor length mirrors are great ways to make any space feel taller. Their long shape draws the eye up and carrying it around the room, making any space feel lighter and brighter.
4) Layer them up: By making an entire wall mirrored and then adding smaller, defined mirrors on top, not only are you creating a larger more open-feeling space, but you'll also be giving depth to the space without weighing things down.

5) Fake-mirrored furniture: You can fake expensive designer prices and simply use a glasscutter and mirrored tile found at a hardware store. It’s a lot cheaper with results that can be quite amazing.
For more information on mirrors and a more complete list of how to use mirrors to optimize space visit, check out Bell Mirror & Glass or call us at (316) 262-8642.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

How Important is Your Mirror

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A mirror is one of the few household items that can go in any room of a house. So the question that must be asked is just how important does one value a mirror?  Well according to, a mirror might be the most viewed item in your home. Finding one that you enjoy is undeniable crucial, because new studies suggest that on average females spend two years of their lives just staring at a mirror where males spend about six months viewing a mirror.
Spending that much time in front of a mirror makes it that much more important to find one that is perfect for you. Check out some of these unique and creative mirror designs at let us know which mirror design is your favorite.
If you have any mirror design ideas or any questions in general all you have to do is visit us at Bell Mirror & Glass or call us today (316) 262-8642.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Shower Designs For Small Bathrooms

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Designing a bathroom can entail many different options from different angles; it all depends on the style your looking for.
When configuring a small bathroom with limited space, some designers like to have a small tub and smaller shower and others tend to eliminate the tub for a shower that has more square footage. Bridget Cahill, a bathroom designer on Cape Cod explains her reasoning behind skipping the tub: “To configure a full, modern bathroom in a footprint of this size, I try to get as much usable area into the shower as possible without compromising the rest of the floor plan. The best way to maximize shower space in a small bathroom is to use a tiled shower that can be customized to the available space.” If you build your bathroom without a tub, it does not necessarily mean the water-flow is limited.
Without a tub, the bathroom becomes more spacious and enables the shower to become the main source of water flow. Cahill explains how a “Eurobath” should be implemented in the bathroom now that there is more space. This allows for the largest showering space within the standard bathroom footprints.
Formatting your bathroom this way can definitely help you save space and gain visual appeal from a smaller area. Although the designs explained by Bridget Cahill are both elegant and spacious, it will not be a cheap option, but that all depends on what you are looking for.
For more information on how to design your shower, visit us at Bell Mirror & Glass or call us today (316) 262-8642.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

How to Use Mirrors to Decorate Your Home

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According to Freshome, there are many ways that one can use mirrors to decorate their home. They are a decorative item that can instantly transform a room from small to roomy and they can represent any décor style. Here are some simple uses of mirrors:
Make a room feel larger: Mirrors offer an inexpensive way to give the illusion of space. You can place mirrors on a wall opposite of a window or in a small kitchen as a backsplash.
Place a mirror over the fireplace: You can add more emphasis to a fireplace by placing a beautifully framed mirror above the mantel. This will enlarge the room as well as add a reflective surface to the décor you place on the mantle.
Add interest to a long hallway: If your home has a long hallway, you can place mirror vignettes, ‘puzzle’ piece mirrors, or groups of hanging mirrors on the side walls. This will help distract the eye when walking down the hallway.
Brighten up your entry: Mirrors placed in an entryway are a welcomed sight for guests. They reflect light and open up a dark entry and give a place for guests to ‘check’ themselves while entering your home.
At Bell Mirror & Glass we can create a specialty mirror design to fit any project in your home or business, whether you are planning a custom bathroom vanity or a mirrored backsplash for that remodeled kitchen.

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