Thursday, May 30, 2013

Storm Protection Window and Doors

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Unforeseen weather can come at any moments notice.  Falcon Storm Doors provide unsurpassed protection against devastating tornadoes. Take precautions in order to protect your family and home against damaging weather!  With added level of security, Falcon Storm Doors will give you the peace of mind knowing your improving the safety of your home.

Falcon storm doors boast features such as stainless steel mesh screens, wood cores, tempered glass and are available in a wide selection of decorative style to complement any home design.  Each Falcon Storm Door is constructed using a single, continuous piece of aluminum extrusion to provide exceptional protection against high winds, flying debris and even intruders!

For more information regarding Falcon Storm Doors or to schedule an installation please give us a call at (316) 262-8642.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Kansas volunteers and agencies preparing to aid Oklahomans!

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After a massive, 2-mile-wide tornado swept through Oklahoma City suburbs on Monday afternoon, Kansas agencies and volunteers have been preparing for a request for help. While Oklahoma officials are still assessing the damages and needs, so far one volunteer from the Midway-Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross has been scheduled to head to Oklahoma Tuesday.

Here is an excerpt from The Wichita Eagle’s article:

“We are just not getting any information in terms of specifics,” said Bev Morlan, regional executive director of the Midway-Kansas Chapter of the American Red Cross. “ …We expect to get requests for volunteers to go, but it takes time."

“As Oklahoma officials settle into what they need and identify specific needs, we’ll respond. Their immediate concern will be getting folks out of the area. Once shelters are set up, we can begin to set up places people can come and go.”

How can you help? Call the American Red Cross (800) REDCROSS or visit 

For the full article please visit:

Friday, May 17, 2013

Boston Area Recovers in Aftermath of Marathon Bombing with Help of Local Glass Shops

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Here's an excerpt from the original article on by Penny Stacey.

"Just one month has passed since the Boston Marathon bombing on April 15, and some area glass shops continue to work in the area to replace the glass that was broken in the tragic incident.

Among these, Hub Glass in nearby Somerville, Mass., was one of the first businesses allowed to enter the Boylston Street area to board up (and later replace the glass) at one of the building's affected in the blast near Marathon Sports.

'It was very eerie to be there that night, " says Randy Ibbitson, general manager for Hub. "We had seven to eight guys there starting at 7 at night and they worked there 13 hours straight just to get the five floors of shatter glass boarded up.'"

For the full article please click the link

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Which Window Fits Your Home and Lifestyle?

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Choosing the right windows and for your home can be somewhat of a challenge.  With over 50 years of experience, our glass window specialists will help you determine the best style window for your home and lifestyle to give you the perfect setup.  Below are some of the different window options that may fit the style of your home.

To get a quote or have any questions call us today (316) 262-8642 and speak with our experienced specialists!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Bell Mirror & Glass Celebrates 50 Years in Business

Bell Mirror & Glass, Inc.
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Did you read the article on  Bell Mirror & Glass Celebrating our 50 Years in Business in Wednesday May 8th's Wichita Eagle!  You can find the full article here,

Here's an excerpt from the article:

"Ruth Bell can't help tearing up a little when talking about the business she and her husband started 50 years ago this week.  After all, with three of her children working beside her today, Bell Mirror & Glass epitomizes the idea of a family business. 'I remember sitting on a carpeted table drilling holes when I was 5 or 6,' said Ruth's son Mike.

Dean Bell, who passed away in 2000, had been working for an even older competitor, when he decided to go out on his own. 'To better ourselves,' Ruth Bell, the company president, said of the move. 'We got tired of working for the other guy.'

Started in a barn on North Ride Road, Bell Mirror & Glass bought out another competitor and moved to West Douglas in the Delano neighborhood in 1966.

Today, the business custom-cut glass and mirrors for homes and businesses -- storm windows that need replacing, jewelry and trophy display cases, colored mirrors with beveled edges and other products as well. The showroom featured examples of one of the biggest trends in the industry -- glass enclosed showers."

We Thank the Wichita Eagle for such a great article!!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Flashback to 1963!

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Bell Mirror and Glass is celebrating it's 50th Anniversary. Take a look back with us to see what the times were like a half a century ago!

1963 - The times were still dominated by the civil rights movement, Vietnam war was growing, Beatlemania was in full force and postal stamps were 5 cents!!!

Check out this great article by The Atlantic with great images from all the major events from 1963 -

Friday, May 3, 2013

Tips for Adding Value to Your Home!

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Are you looking for ways to improve or just add value to your home? Here's some areas to start with that will certainly add value to your home!
  1. New Bathroom
  2. Loft Conversions
  3. Redecorating
  4. An Extension
  5. Central Heating
  6. New Kitchen
  7. New Driveway
  8. Conservatory
  9. New Deck or Patio
  10. Improve the basement
  11. Improve Landscaping
Bell Mirror & Glass of Wichita, Kansas offers custom glass and mirror services that are a perfect match for your family, lifestyle and home!  Our family owned and operated business will help make any new home project perfect! Check out all we have to offer on our website,